Allow your children to grieve their pet without worrying if you’re doing it right

A ceremony kit and guidebook designed to help families and children process grief in a healthy way - to honor the sacred beings we call pets.

*This ceremony kit is appropriate for people of all ages and religious & spiritual beliefs.* 


*We use eco-friendly and recyclable products made in the USA when possible*


Who is this for:

  • Your pet has recently passed away.
  • You feel the sorrow in the whole family – particularly with the kids.
  • You don’t know how to explain death or grief to your children.
  • You don’t want to sweep what happened under the rug – but you’re not sure how to honor your pet the way they deserve.
  • You want to do something special for the family but not sure what.  
  • You feel helpless, confused, and in deep grief for your pet.
  • You want to create a healthier conversation around death.
  • You believe Ceremony is healing.
  • You believe pets are teachers and companions in our lives.

“Particularly for a child, grieving the loss of a pet is similar to grieving a person. For kids, losing a pet who offered love and companionship can be much harder than losing a distant relative.”

Like any new skill, processing grief doesn't come naturally

If you, like most people, haven’t spent a lot of time learning how to deal with grief – you might feel ill-equipped to talk about death and how to process the complex emotions that come with it. 


As a parent, this might be the first time you have had to navigate this landscape with your children.


  • You wonder, if you do nothing and avoid the  grief – maybe it will go away.
  • You believe there is nothing you can do to make it better because you can not change the fact that your pet has died.
  • You haven’t made peace with death as a natural part of life, and you may fear the unknown.   

Because of these doubts a piece of you may want to “fix” it for them, and solve the problem quickly to help your child get rid of the pain. 

But the problem with a quick fix solution is, it serves as a temporary band aid that does not really help one process their grief

This strategy can leave the child feeling confused and fearful of loss

Kids with reported grief will feel a wide spectrum of emotions from sorrow to anger. To loneliness, to frustration. Maybe even guilt. 

And that’s okay. And normal. 

On the other side of the grieving process, families often find that sadness isn’t the only thing that arises from these experiences. 

There is also joy and celebration. 

Let’s open up the conversation for kids so they can understand and be prepared for it. 

You’re not just helping them get through this one experience – you are preparing them for a lifetime of skills to navigate grief and death.

Animals pass away – but our love for them can last our whole lifetime, and the gifts they leave with us last forever. 


“I really like everything about this ceremony kit. It is soothing and simple, yet specific and powerful. Even though it is aimed at families with younger children, really it is good for anybody of any age. It just feels good.” 

– Marie F. Piazza, MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist)

“Telling our kids that our family dog was sick and passed away was one of the hardest things we have had to do as parents. While searching for ways to help our family through the grieving process I came across A Life Well Lived Memorial Services and ordered a Circle of Life Pet Memorial kit.
All of us sat at the table when it arrived and took out the beautifully packaged kit. We sat and talked about our black lab, Ranger, who had just passed away a few weeks before.

We followed the guidebook to hold a ceremony for him and we did the crafts included in the kit. We tied the red heart string around one of the art rocks as a visual reminder that our connection is still there.
Now we have a lovely memorial created together as a family with the help of A Life Well Lived Memorial Services. I will be forever grateful for this creative and meaningful way to honor a major part of our family.”

– Dani Brown


  • Allow your family to grieve in a safe environment.
  • Hold a ceremony for your beloved family member.
  • Bond with your family as you remember your pet and share your love for them.
  • Have a guide in the grieving process.
  • Give your pet the honor and respect you feel they deserve.
  • Feel comfortable using a resource that can help your family process grief in a healthy way.
  • Set a good example for your children as you take your time with the  grieving process.
  • Accompanying Guidebook to walk you through the entire Ceremony with your family.

Ceremony Kit Includes:

  • 4 Painting Rocks

  • 6 Acrylic Paint Pens  (colors vary)

  • 4 Lengths of Red Heart String

  • 8 Sheets of Dissolving Paper  (biodegradable)

  • 1 Seed Packet  (Forget-Me-Nots, non-coated, non-GMO)

  • 1 Ceremony Guidebook  (printed locally on recycled paper)

Product Details:

The Circle of Life Pet Memorials: Ceremony Kit provides families with a tool to discuss death and grief in a healthy way. In addition, its purpose is to honor the spiritual beings we call pets. This ceremony kit is appropriate for people of all religious and spiritual beliefs. Although it is aimed at families with small children, it is helpful for any age. 


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