[email protected] Ceremony Kits

The [email protected] Ceremony Kit comes complete with all you need to hold an intimate and meaningful memorial ceremony in your backyard, atop a mountain, at the coast, or wherever you feel a special connection to your loved one.

Much has changed with the worldwide pandemic. One of those changes is our limited ability to gather for life’s biggest transitions; births, weddings, graduations, and sadly, memorial services. It is heartbreaking to see services cancelled, but even more disheartening is the resignation that little can be done right now to hold our loved one’s up in memory when they pass.

Memorial Celebrant and founder of A Life Well-Lived Memorial Services

As a Memorial Celebrant and founder of A Life Well-Lived Memorial Services, I wanted to help. That is when the idea for this Ceremony Kit was dreamt up, it enables you to bring the familiar tradition of a memorial service home. With just a few loved ones in your backyard, or out in nature, you can honor your beloved in a sacred ceremony. You can support one another as you process your grief. You can remember and rejoice and laugh and cry. You can come together in a fitting tribute to honor a life well–lived.

[email protected] Ceremony Kits

Your [email protected] Ceremony Kit contains instructions and everything you need to perform a Sacred Space Ceremony, Planting Ceremony and Candle Lighting Ceremony. You have your choice of either white sage and abalone shell OR temple incense and incense holder for the Sacred Space Ceremony. For the Planting Ceremony, the kit comes with 4 succulents. Additional succulents can be added if needed. For the Candle Lighting Ceremony, the kit comes with 4 taper candles and 1 pillar candle. Additional taper candles can be added if needed.

Memorials@Home Ceremony Kit box with temple incense and incense holder

[email protected] Ceremony Kit with temple incense and incense holder.

Custom designed Memorials@Home Ceremony Kit

We can design a [email protected]me Ceremony Kit to represent any unique life story. Contact us for customization.

Memorial services at home kits can be fully customized

[email protected] Ceremony Kit with white sage and abalone shell.

[email protected] Ceremony Kits are useful for people of all religions, faiths, and spiritual beliefs.

All items in your kit are of the highest quality. We strive to use natural products made in the USA that can be repurposed, recycled, and reused.


“She gets the job done with love and respect and honesty! She has the ability to connect with the family and writes about their loved one in a unique way! She tells their story! Remarkable and beautiful!”


– Jean L. / Retired, Prop. Management